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I have a selection of hypnosis products available for purchase. If you would like to learn how to hypnotise other people then you'll find the books or my free online course most useful. If you are looking for ways to improve your life with hypnosis then the hypnotic audio downloads will be more suitable.

Hypnosis Audio

All hypnosis audios are available to purchase for immediate download in MP3 format.

Spiritual Hypnosis Audio Programs

These recordings include guided meditations of a spiritual nature.

To view more information on each recording click on the image.

Spiritual Hypnosis - Removing Blocks


The "5 Meditations that will make you rich" hypnosis program

This audio program is designed to remove any blocks you may have that are preventing you from becoming wealthy. Originally there were 5 recordings in this series (hence the name) but I later added a second option for the wealth thermostat audio.

These powerful audio programs layer hypnotic language patterns with NLP strategies that are designed to completely re-program your mind, transforming you into a wealth magnet!

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Wealth Thermostat - The Control Room
Finding Gold
Modeling The Rich
Get Motivated - Get it Done!
Wealth Thermostat - Thinking BIG!
Your True Goal

5 Meditations that will make your rich - Complete Series

Save $115!
All 6 MP3s ONLY $47.00

Hypnosis Books

To view more information and read customer reviews click on any book image. All books are available to purchase for immediate download in PDF format.

How to Hypnotise
Making Hypnosis Simple



Online Hypnosis Course

I provide a free online hypnosis course that is designed for absolute beginners. It consists of a series of video lessons that are delivered to you via email each day. You will learn the following from this course...

  • How (and why) Hypnosis Works
  • How to Hypnotize People in SECONDS
  • How to Stick Peoples Hands Together
  • How to SECRETLY Hypnotize People
  • How to Wake People From Hypnosis SAFELY
  • The Rules of Creating Hypnotic Suggestions
  • How to Use 'Distractions' to Deepen Hypnosis
  • How to Deal with Abreaction
  • How to Cure ANY Phobia in ONE SESSION
  • How to Create POWERFUL Hypnotic Commands
  • How to 'Confuse a Person into Trance'
  • How to Hypnotize People Without A Script
  • How to Get the Perfect 'Hypnotic Voice'
  • How to Deepen Any Trance State Quickly And Easily

If you'd like to sign up for my free online hypnosis course please visit www.freehypnosislessons.com

I am currently working on a new range of hypnotic audio programs so please be sure to check back later for updates. Thank you.


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