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One of my personal goals in life is to assist people on their journey to financial freedom. In order to achieve this I have developed several online business opportunities that are designed to help people generate a passive income from the internet.

However, these businesses alone will not be any help at all if you do not have the correct mindset.

Developing a wealthy mindset is paramount to success. Much more so than the practical methods that are used to accumulate wealth. If your goal is to become financial free then your first step should be to work on your mind.

In the Law of Attraction section of this website you will find a video of my talk at the 2015 Conscious Tribal Gathering event in Wales. Before you begin looking at ways to create wealth I strongly advise that you watch this video.

In the hypnosis section of the site you'll find my "5 Meditations That Will Make You Rich" hypnosis program. These hypnotic recordings are designed to help you remove any subconscious blocks you may have that are preventing you from becoming wealthy.

It's worth saying here that if you're not wealthy now, then you definitely have blocks! Even if you aren't aware of them.

If you were to sign up to one of my business opportunities now you probably wouldn't make any money at all. But if you work on your mindset first, practically anything you do will be a success. You do not have to take advantage of the business opportunities that I am providing, you could do anything.

Business Opportunities

These opportunities are designed to assist you in making money from the internet. They take care of all of the complicated stuff so you can have all the benefits of running your own online business, even if you don't have a website, a list or any previous experience.

Auto Affiliate Program

This opportunity provides you with a collection of ebooks on various niche subjects that you can give away. Each ebook is branded with your affiliate link for related products that your readers may be interested in purchasing. When they buy a product you earn a commission.

You can also use the books to build an email list that you can continue to market related products to.

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Autotweets is designed to help you generate a passive income by automatically posting niche specific content, the latest news stories and your profit pulling affiliate links to Twitter.

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