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I consider the Law of Attraction to be the foundation of all success. Some people naturally apply the techniques without any conscious awareness, others have to work at it.

I was one of those people that really had to work at it. I struggled to achieve success in any area of my life until I took conscious control of this powerful law.

I firmly believe that once you have your subconscious mind in alignment with your desire nothing can stop you from being successful. And likewise, if your subconscious mind is not in alignment with your desire EVERYTHING you do will fail, even if the exact same actions are working for everybody else.

In my personal and business life I consciously, purposefully and continually use the law of attraction. I see it as a foundation upon which I build my success. It is the most important step in everything I do because without it all other actions are fruitless.

One of the ways I like to visualize using the law of attraction is like laying down foundations so that you can construct a building. The building itself is all of the actions that you take AFTER you've put down a solid foundation. Without the foundation in place, constructing the building would be pointless. You'd expel all of your time and effort only to see it crumble to the ground before your eyes because it has no support.

Of course, laying down a solid foundation without building anything on it would be equally pointless. You need to take physical action to be successful too.

Law of Attraction Talk

The following video is a recording of my talk on the law of attraction from the 2015 Conscious Tribal Gathering event in Wales. During the talk I explain how I apply the law of attraction, and reveal one of the most important principles in manifestation. This is something that very few people are aware of but it is paramount to your success.

I end the talk with a guided meditation that you can use to help manifest anything you desire into your life.

Law of Attraction Books

To view more information and read customer reviews click on any book image. All books are available to purchase for immediate download in PDF format.

Wishing Well, A Guide to Creating Your Dreams Through Cosmic Ordering

Law of Attraction Video Series

I have created a series of videos that address the most common questions that I receive about the law of attraction. To view a video, click on the link under the video player. These videos are a few years old now (featuring pre-beard me) but the content is still valid.

Something I do not mention here that is very important is your connection to the heart. If you haven't watched it yet, please watch the Law of Attraction talk from the Conscious Tribal Gathering Event further up this page.

The 4 step process

A quick look at the 4 step process that I often use when placing cosmic orders.

Law of Attraction Videos

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